Made To Order

MTO – by Cavaliere  

Manufacturing a jacket requires rime and knowledge as well as accuracy and flair. That’s why we sew everything in our own factory, combining the best of two worlds. The flexibility and tactile precision of a hand with the strength and accuracy of a sewing machine. Nothing is pasted, everything sewed. Together with a few other exclusive brands, we stick to the unmarched craftsman’s traditional work. Gluing and squeezing parts of a jacket is a consequence of mass- production requirements.

What’s gained in the time is however lost in quality and fit of the jacket. Gluing means no adjustability, affecting both the fit of the chest and shoulders as well as the expressions of the lapels and shoulder pads. In addiction a glued jacket soon loses its fit when the parts can’t move relative to each other. Being sartorial in all we do, with the adherence of a sewing thread, we create a fit that stays. So, let’s leave the glue in the box. In our production we use thread for the better sartorial fit, as well as a better look.


Style & Design.

It’s time to bring out your creative side. We offer some different models that you can choose from,  everything from a classic single button jacket to the timeless double breasted jacket. Be sure to know which design you want to insure you get the right construction and details.

- Let’s begin.


Give your chosen model a suitable fabric. We offer a collection of fabrics which are carefully hand-picked from some of Italy’s most well known suppliers. the collection contains everything from so called four seasons fabrics to more seasonal materials such as linen and flannel. These fabrics are not only a delight for the eye but also offers high quality.

- The choice is here, put the feeling and expression on your creation.


Your jacket is almost done, but to get the right finish you first need to find the perfect buttons for your creation. We are sure you will find the perfect one in our selection of buttons, made from pearl, horn, corozo, bone, wood and much more. Make sure to pick a button that goes well with the style and garments you’ve chosen.

- The choice is yours.


When it comes to clothing we’re not just vanity with our exterior, here’s also the inside included. Whether your choice of models is constructed or unconstructed, your jacket needs a little love from lining. In our collection of linings, we offer everything from classic solid color to stripes and patterns to give you the opportunity to get a perfect balance between fabric and lining.

- Beauty comes from inside.


If you would like a price proposal or have questions about your own MTO order, please email

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